Beck’s Game, Due

06 July 2021

London is not just one place. There are stories and truths and lies all merged together to make the city. Different worlds. Some are on view, some are hidden, worlds going on around you that you only catch out of the corner of your eye, but you don’t know what it means so you ignore it, forget it. But some of them are worth discovering. Do you want a way out of your problems?’

Since last summer I’ve been working on a new project, it wasn’t planned it was just an idea that came to mind and then merged with others that had been percolating for many years.

The result is Beck’s Game, and I’m doing something different with it.

The story is based on and around the London Underground and there might just be a whole lot more going on down there than you may have suspected.

Previously I’ve put my novels, complete, on Amazon as paperback and Kindle and left them to it, but the shape of this story meant I could be more flexible; and so I have split the story into three “Series” and each “Series” into six “Parts”, with a new one to be released each week on this very blog as a PDF of about 20 A4 pages (with a gap between each Series, although I have written the whole thing at this point). I wanted to build a part by part adventure, hey I’m a Doctor Who fan it’s in my DNA, and so we have smaller stories a developing alongside a much much bigger canvass; to say more might just drift into spoiler territory.

I’m not going to charge for downloading each part but if you want to make a donation for them I would be very grateful and that will be set up when Part One goes live (it was just easier to do it that way).

Series One, Part One: Oxford Circus will be released soon!

I did ask TFL what imagery I was allowed to use without breaking copyright and they have yet to get back to me, I guess they are busy running a transport network, so everything from the picture and sounds are not actually from the London Underground network so copyright is not an issue. The pictures are by by Johannes Plenio and Dil (, many thanks, and the design is my own.

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