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Slow Reads

The gentle stories. Ever since the rise of McDonalds and their kin the word fast has become synonymous with lesser quality. I don’t always agree, and even when the “fast version” isn’t the luxury type there is still a place for it. A few years ago a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest got criticised … Continue reading Slow Reads

Giving Away Too Much

The fear of spoiling. On my last post I spoke about how I prefer to know as little as possible about a book before I read it. This goes for most other things as well, TV programmes, plays and films for example. Whilst most people don’t want spoilers I’m probably at the far end of … Continue reading Giving Away Too Much

Avoiding Spoilers

Don’t tell me anything. Ironically there may be some spoilers in the following blog. Earlier this year I finally got round to reading Curtain by Agatha Christie. In general I love Christie’s books and with so many of them it took me a while to get round to Curtain. However there is something different about … Continue reading Avoiding Spoilers

North Korea In Books

Some interesting reads. For a country that is said to be closed off from the rest of the world there is an awful lot of books and documentaries about North Korea. I guess the fact that as soon as you are told something is a secret we can’t help but want to know. I’ve read … Continue reading North Korea In Books

Modern Literary Zeitgeists

Books everyone seemed to be reading at the time. There always seem to be books about that everyone is reading at that moment. You used to see them held firmly open on buses and trains, I have a habit that if I’m sitting by someone who is reading something that I’ve not heard of but … Continue reading Modern Literary Zeitgeists

All Creatures In Print

Because animals cheer is up. Just a glance at Twitter and Facebook shows that a lot of people like animals. Videos, pictures, gifs about cats, dogs, goats and anything else prove that featuring fauna is always going to be popular. As we are all inside at the moment and as it’s spring, the time of … Continue reading All Creatures In Print

Why Dublin?

The reasons for setting a novel in the city. As I state elsewhere I’m not Irish. However I have lived for many of my important years in Dublin. To me it’s the default city. I’ve lived in other places but the experiences I have had in the Irish capital are really what made me me. … Continue reading Why Dublin?

Children’s Literature

It’s not just for kids. Generally I’m not a great fan of watching the film/ TV series of a book I’ve read. I don’t like how they miss things out or change parts. I don’t like being told that a character looks nothing like I had them in my head. This hasn’t always been the … Continue reading Children’s Literature

A Whole New Logic

It’s a universe in itself. Each book is a world, thought out and destined by the writer. The author has full control over the lives and the events of the character’s lives. Therefore a bookshelf is many universes sitting side by side. In some we recognise something close to our actual reality; a true story … Continue reading A Whole New Logic

2019 In Reading Part One

My reads, not the books that came out this year… At the end of the year I tend to look back on the books I’ve read during that time and feel a nice sense of accomplishment. This year I’ve got through some ones that had been sitting in my reading pile for years – I … Continue reading 2019 In Reading Part One

And The Winner Is…

Thank you for this award. This week the laureates of the Nobel Prize For Literature 2018 and 2019 both received their awards. I’m not going to get into the controversy over one of them, instead I’m wondering how many writers have fantasied about winning it for themselves. The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded … Continue reading And The Winner Is…

Thank You Terrance Dicks

Now my life is full of books. It’s a little bit late, sorry. I’ve had loads of stuff in my personal life to deal with (having Meniere’s is no fun). But I wanted to draw people’s attention to Terrance Dicks. Very sadly he passed away in August. He was one of the big influences that … Continue reading Thank You Terrance Dicks

The Trials Of Setting Up A Blog!

Whilst I set this up there may be some random things appearing! Sorry for that. Oh that’s a picture I took from the top of Xunantunich (Sho-nan-toe-nitch) – a Maya temple in Belize – it’s there because I wanted a picture of something and this is the first blog and no one is reading it.

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