Beck’s Game, It’s Here! Part Four: Lancaster Gate

30 July 2021

“That was the Piccadill Chief confirming they have taken control of the station. She wants us to give up Sophie and we can go.”

The Piccadills have taken an interest in Sophie, who in turn is discovering the secrets of the Game. But what has it got to do with her? And is the safest place on the Underground really that safe?

Beck’s Game: Series 1 Part 4 – Lancaster Gate. A PDF of 22 pages.

It’s here! You can download Part Four now, free of charge. Click here or go to the Beck’s Game link above, and click on the link or you can go via

Or just click on the Beck’s Game picture in the right of the page.

Each part is a PDF around 20 pages or more.

I’m giving it away free of charge but if you would like to make a donation I’d appreciate it. You can do that via the ko-fi link above or the Beck’s Game link in the menu bar. Thanks.

I really hope you enjoy reading this unfolding puzzle. I’ve put a lot of work into it, from writing the whole thing (all parts are now complete and ready to go), to editing and everything else. The only thing I didn’t do is take the pictures which are credited on the PDF.

London awaits.

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